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Global hydropower day

#GlobalHydropowerDay on 11 October 2022 will celebrate the positive impacts of sustainable hydropower on people and communities around the world.
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our mission

Transforming lives
and communities #WithHydropower

Hydropower, when developed sustainably, has brought major advancements in human development by spurring economic growth, creating jobs and improving standards of living.

More than 2 million people are employed in hydropower worldwide. But the benefits of sustainable hydropower reach far beyond the people who work in the sector.

Whether by providing affordable green energy, a means of water supply, irrigation services, flood and drought protection, or bringing social investment, hydropower has brought many positive impacts to communities worldwide.

On #GlobalHydropowerDay, IHA is bringing together a community of organisations and individuals to shine a light on how hydropower has improved lives and brought benefits to communities across the world. We invite you to join the celebration by sharing your stories and spreading the word.
our mission

#WithHydropower we can make a difference

Climate change is a reality that is already affecting many people’s lives around the world. A net zero future is possible, but only if we harness the complementary strengths of all renewables to end our reliance on fossil fuels.

Sustainable hydropower is a clean, green, modern and affordable solution to climate change. By providing a flexible and reliable backup, it enables wind and solar energy to be built at the scale needed to bring global temperature rises under control.

Join us on Global Hydropower Day to celebrate the advancements we have made #WithHydropower and show how we can make a difference in our future net zero ambitions.

How you can participate as an organisation

Become part of our growing coalition and help to spread the word about the benefits of hydropower on #GlobalHydropowerDay. Here are some ways you can take part as a company:

Share your stories

Do you have a special story to tell about a transformational hydropower project that has brought benefits to communities and the environment? Create a case study to spread the word on Global Hydropower Day.
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Hold an open day or educational event

Make your hydropower facilities accessible to the public and the press for the day, and host guided tours or informative talks by industry leaders.
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Mobilise your team

Hold social media engagement competitions and encourage your employees to share their own personal stories about their life in hydropower, using the hashtags #WithHydropower and #GlobalHydropowerDay.
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Let us know your plans

We are coordinating Global Hydropower Day activities around the world to create a mass social media moment. We would love to hear about your plans so that we can put you in the spotlight on our website, live blog and social media channels. For guidance and support with any of the activities highlighted above, please get in touch with our Communications Team.

How can you participate as an individual

If you have worked in hydropower or have an individual story to tell, these are some ways you can participate personally in Global Hydropower Day:

Join the conversation on social media

Share personal messages about your life in hydropower on 11 October 2022 using the hashtags #GlobalHydropowerDay and #WithHydropower. It could be a simple post on Twitter or LinkedIn, or a short recorded video message.
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Tell your colleagues

We want to extend Global Hydropower Day to involve as many people as possible. Spread the word about it among your communities, and encourage your organisation to take part.
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Participate in an interview

Do you have a special story to tell about your career in hydropower? We are looking for people to spotlight in an interview series for Global Hydropower Day. Please get in touch with our Communications Team if you are interested.
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