Actions for governments

The world is facing unprecedented threats from climate change and energy insecurity.

Countries need to take action now to build reliable, renewable energy grids – and avoid future crises. Hydropower is part of the solution.

The ‘We can, with hydropower’ campaign urges governments to implement the San José Declaration on Sustainable Hydropower, issued at the 2021 World Hydropower Congress.

Five ways to act now

Governments have an opportunity to work with industry and communities to accelerate the energy transition:

Here are five ways governments can build a secure, green energy system:

1.    Increase the ambition of renewable energy and climate goals by setting targets that support hydropower alongside wind and solar.

2.    Ensure policy and market mechanisms are in place to develop clean energy storage and flexibility in renewable energy systems.

3.    Offer financial incentives to support sustainable hydropower such as long-term power purchase agreements or feed-in tariffs.

4.    Explore ways to integrate and expand renewables, such as adding solar photovoltaics to reservoirs, modernising existing plants, or retrofitting non-powered dams with hydropower.

5.    Promote the exchange of knowledge and good practices to ensure that all energy developments are delivered sustainably.

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